Like the OG Rogue but on the juice - For strike surf missions or zipping around town, the Rogue Series is a modern take on the vintage mx style frame. Nimble and fast, this medium-large frame electric bike is a favourite for surfers and able to take on the sand with huge 4 inch fat tyres.

While we have delivered on a larger capacity battery, built to provide up to 80km range with more torque and higher output, we have not sacrificed on appearance. The Rogue Supreme is stylish enough for any rider looking to get creative while maintaining safety standards - everybody loves it's power so even longer full weekends of adventures are within reach.

The Rogue Supreme Electric offers pedal assist + optional throttle recommended for private use where you can easily slide through the Shimano TX50 7S speed gears.

As with all our products - we provide our Oceanside 2 Year Premium Warranty*

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