You can have confidence in your Oceanside, we have a dedicated experienced mechanic on hand to maintain your bike and keep it running well.

To book your bike in, please reach out by the following:

Email: service@oceansidebikes.com.au

Call Customer Care:  07 5645 5540

Book Service Online: Contact through Contact Us Page 

Like anything on wheels, your bike needs to be maintained! We are happy to offer pre-service quotations and can supply all parts for brakes, gears, cables and electrics.  

We offer our customers in house servicing at the workshop and are proud to offer our local customers a mobile service where our mechanic comes to you!

There is a range of service packages available to suit your needs. Prices listed below include general servicing and labour, note if new parts are required there will be additional charge.


Basic Service - $100

What is included:

  • Tyres checked and correctly inflated
  • Hanger aligned
  • Limits adjusted as required
  • General safety check over
  • Lube drive train
  • Brakes and gear cables tensioned
  • Inspect tyres and inflate to recommended PSI



Premium Service - $150

What is included:

*Excluding parts Includes degrease / basic clean Brakes and gear cables tensioned

  • Align handlebars
  • Adjust gearing limits
  • Overall safety check
  • Lube drive train
  • Full bike wash and degrease
  • Wheel true and tension
  • Grease Hubs
  • Adjust Headset
  • Lubricate cables
  • Brakes and gear cables tensioned
  • Inspect tyres and inflate to recommended PSI





Accessory Installation Basic $25

Baby Seat or Rack Installation $35

Bike Build $100

Re-assemble or dis-semble bike for bike box packing $100

Brake Rotor Installation $15

Brake Adjustment $20

Brake Pad Installation (1 end) $20

Brake Caliper Installation $25

Brake Lever Installation $25

Brake Bleed Hydraulic per end $35

Brake Installation Hydraulic Per End $50

Brake Overhaul Hydraulic per end $100

Cable Installation and Adjust Brake/Gear (x1) $25

Cassette Installation $20

Chain Installation $20

Chainring Installation $30

Computer Installation $20

Crank Installation $40

Crank Helicoil $50

Crown Race or Star Nut Installation $15

Frame Swap $250

Derailler Installation or Alignment (Front/Rear) $50

Gear Adjustment Front/Rear $40

Handgrips Installation $10

Handlebar Installation with Grips/Tape $40

Headset Adjustment $15

Headset Overhaul ($30 with Standard Service) $40

Headset or Fork Installation $40

Hub Adjustment $20

Hub Overhaul $60

Hub Overhaul Coaster Brake $85

Hub Overhaul Internal Gears $70

Pedal Removal or Installation $15

Stem Installation $20

Tyre or Tube Installation Basic $10

Tyre or Tube Installation Complex $25

Tyre Installation Tubeless (inc. Sealant) per wheel$35

Tyre Installation Tubular $40

Wheel Installation $25

Wheel True / Truing Basic $25

Wheel Spoke Installation $30

Wheel True / Truing Complex $50

Wheel Building $80