How long does it take to charge?

As a general rule, your bike will be fully charged in 5 hours. We reccomend you doing a full charge overnight when you receive your new bike.
Please note the battery pack will experience a decrease in capacity over time as it is subjected to charge and discharge cycles, so it is recomended to using your battery fully before recharging.

 How fast do the bikes go?

How fast you can ride it! Under Australian Law, your bike has a limiter set on it for 25 km/hr. When you hit 25 km/hr the motor will cut out and you will be on your own!
The bikes do have potential to go faster (up to 50km/hr in some cases) but this is only for use on private property.

Please always be aware of local laws and regulations in your State or Territory. There is information on links at footer of the page.

How much is shipping and can I collect my bike in person?

Oceanside Electric Bikes are proud to offer you free assembly and delivery between Byron Bay and Noosa QLD, and complimentary (FREE) shipping across QLD/NSW & VIC *please contact us for a shipping quote to SA, WA and NT and we will go halves with you!

Please contact us for a shipping times if you have any queries

 Also - Check out bike safety info, returns, warranty and servicing information on the links in footer of this page!