100% Aussie owned and designed,  Oceanside Electric bikes wanted to help our family, friends and local community get outside and explore our beautiful Australian Coastline. Whatever your plans are from from surfing, hitting the beach, or family adventures we are all about it.
Our company values have one collective goal in mind:
To design and create the best bikes that help you get outside and make the most out of life.
What do we mean by this? Well if you want to have the most efficient and affordable means of local transport and want to look good getting around, we have ya covered! 
We are the designers & manufacturers and sell direct to you (no middle men, no retail mark ups) which means we back the quality of our bikes and have the best bang for your buck.
Let's face it, fuel prices are starting to get out of control. Ditch the car on the weekends and start your journey on the ocean-ways with an Oceanside Electric Bike. Oh and another motivation was the traffic and parking situation - she's out of hand. So we thought - how about we forget spending half the day hunting a carpark, when you can ride a bike!
At Oceanside, we know how important it is for people living an active lifestyle to have access to affordable transportation options when they're ready to head into new territory.
Come start your own journey and ride with us at Oceanside.